Jurgen Klopp discussed Thiago’s fitness and the Stade de France pitch. Sadio Mane was also mentioned. Liverpool will face Real Madrid in Paris in the Champions League final.

Jurgen Klopp confirmed that Thiago, Fabinho and the rest of his team are fit enough to play in Saturday’s Champions League final against Real Madrid.

Although the midfield duo were injury doubts, the Liverpool boss said that they would be available at the pre-match press conference in Paris on Friday.

Klopp stated, “It looks great for Thiago & Fabinho.” “Fabinho trained yesterday, and Thiago will train today. It is a great mood. It is great to be here and feel the stadium and location.

“We will continue with our normal sessions as planned. It’s our time of the season. I was able to see the refs during their session, and the ball dropped as normal. It’s easy to see where they have put the pitch in, and it’s not normal.

“Someone thought it was interesting to bring in the pitch the day before. That’s fascinating! It didn’t dampen my spirits for one second. We could have played on a petanque field. If both sides are happy with it, I’m okay with it.

Liverpool may be concerned about the Stade de France pitch. It looks less than it best, having been laid this week.

He said, “Usually when I say that the pitch looks fresh, it’s good news.” This pitch looks newer than yesterday. That’s not good news. It’s the same for both teams.

Klopp hopes this game will be very different from the Champions League final meeting between these two clubs, when Loris Karius’s errors led to a 3-1 defeat at Kyiv. In that match, Mohamed Salah sustained serious injuries.

Klopp said, “No matter what you do, experience is the best thing.” It’s not always the most rewarding day. There is little success, but you must deliver on the big stage.

“We delivered that night, and the circumstances struck us. We arrived on just three wheels. We didn’t have a full bench. Key players returned from injuries.

“Mo happened. Then our goalkeeper received a concussion. It wasn’t after, it happened during. It was crucial. It is important to learn how to win. You won’t hear that from anyone. It was hard for me to learn that lesson. In my entire life, I have lost many finals. Thankfully, we were able to win the last few.

“But now we play a team that has never lost a final. The boys have grown tremendously over the past few years. Everyone is connected and the club is in a great place. We are aware that we are part of an important club, and the boys are the right players to play for this club. We are at a great moment and are ready to play in the final.”