Javier Tebas has spoken this afternoon and has denied any type of strategy against Rubiales, as OK Diario has insinuated with the audios published this Wednesday: «The interlocutor with whom I sat down was Miguel García Caba, deputy secretary general of the RFEF, and he I knew because he had worked in LaLiga for many years. That is why a colloquial tone is maintained. And it is public and notorious that I do not like Rubiales as president of the RFEF. And nothing more. Now they try to divert attention by saying that I am designing a strategy and it is not true. Ruabiales devised the strategy of collapsing on his own».

Tebas has wanted to emphasize that it is Rubiales who practices the recordings and investigations, and that now they are trying to divert attention: «The Federation is taking time to denounce me.

This is a strategy of Rubiales who is obsessed with research. I am not after anything. The one who is in a plot to eliminate Tebas is Rubiales. The only thing I have done and said, and what I continue to do and say, is that I don’t like how Rubiales manages the Federation. OK Diario is the ‘portacoz’ of Rubiales. They sell that recording from before the information from El Confidencial and it is a lie, because it is this Saturday the 28th at the Don Pío hotel in Madrid».