A bigger contrast you can’t imagine at all. In the past year, after the 3:0 success in the DFB Cup against RB Leipzig, leaving Jérôme Boateng (31), the celebrations are still more or less endure. He went a short in the fan curve and disappeared, then immediately into the cabin. Previously, he had been sitting for 90 minutes on the bench.

cheers looks different: Boateng (m.) after winning the Cup final against Leipzig. Photo: firo/eye click Abendzeitung München

And this time? It was a boisterous Boateng, left, together with his team-mates, coach Hansi Flick, who danced in the cabin, and radiant with joy, the Cup in the Berlin sky. Previously, he had played very strong, before a calf injury to replace the 64. Minute, forced. But luckily for Boateng and the Bayern it has caught the world champion of 2014 is probably worse. to replace

Boateng at FC Bayern?

in the Meantime, you have to formulate it this way: A Boateng in this Form would have to be replaced in the continuation of the Champions League in August, hardly. “Jérôme is in a dazzling shape,” said coach Hansi Flick, the great Boateng conveyor, just the other day. “If he should stay, I’m not sad. I don’t know what his thoughts are.” Alaba-farewell is coming closer – Italy-club to moves with Bayern-Profi agree PCP Alaba-farewell closer – Italy-club to imagine with Bayern-Profi can be in agreement

According to AZ-information, Boateng to play in the coming season for Bayern. His contract runs anyway until 2021. A stay in Munich is likely to be. If you think back a good year, this development was not foreseeable. Because Boateng was on the brink of farewell.

Hoeness told Boateng to exchange

“I think for him it would be better if he could enjoy the air,” said Ex-President Uli Hoeness in amazing clarity. “I think he must be looking for a new challenge, the better for him. He acts like a foreign body.” A move to Juventus failed straight on the target, because the Italians considered in the short term other plans for your defense chain, Boateng had to stay. A year before safe Transfer to Paris Saint was almost-Germain also shortly before the signing of the contract to be cancelled. “I was with the head already gone,” admitted Boateng later.

honorary President Hoeness suggested Boateng a change. Photo: imago/Sven Simon, sampics/eye clicking, AZ-Assembly Abendzeitung München

In the summer of 2020, he has become the foreign body back to the Essential. Record new signing Lucas Hernández (24) is only a substitute player, the harmony Central defence with Boateng and David Alaba (28) splendid. It was remarkable how the Austrians Boateng celebrated after his save against Leverkusen Leon Bailey on Saturday. This Lock action, which prevented a sure goal, was injured Boateng easily. Also Niklas Süle (24) tear to his cruciate ligament is now ready to be used again, it will be difficult to displace Boateng.

Flick builds on Boateng

The Renaissance of the world champion is quite closely connected with Flick. The Coach taught him, those of appreciation, which he had missed under Ex-coach Niko Kovac, and also of the Association peak. “He is human top, has a super sense for us,” said Boateng shortly after the Flicks promoted to head coach of AZ: “Hansi is very respectful and professional with us, the players, the play, and those who do not play. He gives everyone the feeling that he is important. And this is at a club like Bayern is of great importance.”

It was “like Jupp Heynckes, who has done really well with all his experience,” added Boateng: “Hansi is not far away.” And Boateng is not far off the Form that made him especially between 2013 and 2016, one of the world’s best interior defender. Similar to Thomas Müller (30) he has benefited extremely from the change of coach. The indispensable old-hands grasping for her second Triple-Triumph after 2013.

Even Uli Hoeness has changed his mind about Boateng and raves of him now. “I don’t want to talk about individual players, this is a matter for the club and the Coach,” said the honorary President, on “Sport1”. “I am delighted that the team and, of course, Jerome is playing so well.”

This article was written by Maximilian Koch Müller-Wohlfahrt shoots again against Guardiola: “He always knew everything better” PCP Müller-Wohlfahrt shoots again against Guardiola: “He always knew everything better”

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  • FC Bayern plays Hansi Flick, attractive and, above all, successful football. However, the “Mia-san-Mia”-Fanseele could suffer in the coming months. To do this, with the possible departure of players who have shaped the club over the past decade.
  • On 30. June finished with team doctor Hans-Wilhelm Müller-Wohlfahrt for his time at FC Bayern. After more than 40 years of a very successful Era and an almost perfect time is in order to the end. If not for this a short break and the dispute with Pep Guardiola would have been.
  • The player Hansi Flick celebrates as the first German to coach a double profit as an Ex-player and coach – after the Cup victory in Munich against Leverkusen’s high-life. The honor of the team, which is Triple last Coach Jupp Heynckes was given.

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