The German Gunnar Biniasch took home his third podium of the Baleària WFSS 2022, a special podium since, together with this victory, he adds the first Wing Foil Race Spanish Cup to his record. The podium of the Open Pro category was closed by the Andalusian Yasser Chaib and the Alicante Pedro Simó in second and third place respectively.

Gunnar Biniasch went out on the water on the first day of the Baleària WFSS 2022 Denia and the Spanish Cup with his sights set on victory. With an average of twelve knots of intensity, the German flew over the regatta field obtaining seven first places in the eight races of the day. In the second round of the day, Yasser Chaib and Pedró Simó took advantage of a small error by Biniasch to cross the finish line ahead of him.

In the WetSuitCare Advanced category, the Belgian Regy Dils continued to demonstrate his superiority over his rivals by finishing at the head of the fleet in all the tests on the first day. His compatriot Pierre de Groodt, who returned to the Baleària WFSS after not being able to attend the first two rounds of the circuit, achieved second place just one point ahead of Eduardo Rubio from Madrid, who finished third.

On the second day of competition, the Principal Regatta Officer, Antonio Ordovás, summoned the sailors to the beach with the forecast that they would be able to start the first test of the day at half past ten in the morning because the weather forecast forecast ten knots of intensity, the best wind conditions forecast for the day, at that time.

Unfortunately, when the time came, the anemometer barely registered seven knots of intensity, insufficient for the wing foils to compete. The deadline in the regatta instructions was set at four in the afternoon, the time at which the committee collected the regatta field without being able to carry out any single test due to the lack of wind.

After finishing the day, Ordovás commented: “The wind conditions in this competition have been challenging, luckily, the technical team provided by the Real Club Náutico de Dénia and the Denia Kitesurf Club, was up to the task and the changes that had to do on the race course were quick and efficient. The second and last day the wind was not enough for the fleet to sail, we waited until the last moment to see if we were lucky and could do some tests, but it was not possible. Water sports are like that but in general I am happy with how the regatta has developed.”

In this way, Gunnar Biniasch was crowned champion of the Spanish Cup and added a third victory at the Baleària WFSS 2022. The German, after climbing the podium to collect his well-deserved award, commented: “The first day we had a good wind, which It allowed us to do eight heats, of which I won seven. It was a shame that on the second day we couldn’t go sailing but I’m still very happy. Winning the first Spanish Cup is an honor and I am very happy and satisfied with my results”.

Based on the results of the first day, the podium of the Baleària Open Pro category went up accompanying Biniasch, Yasser Chaib and Pedro Simó in second and third place respectively. Similarly, the podium of the WetSuitCare Advanced category was shaped by the results of the first day, with Regy Dils in the lead followed by Pierre de Groodt and Eduardo Rubio.

Dils, at the end of the day, commented: “The first day we had very good wind conditions, we were able to carry out eight tests with a very good procedure by the committee. Looking forward to the next regatta to continue improving.”