The Eifel weather, with the exception of the first Nürburgring test day of the DTM from a slight chill, surprisingly, kept and BMW driver Philip provided Closely in the morning in 1:19.204 minutes for the best time of the day in front of the Audi Pilot Robin Frijns and WRT novice Ferdinand of Habsburg, who showed a successful debut in the Audi RS 5. TYPE-BMW-newcomer Robert Kubica were missing at the end of the field to place nine 1,315 seconds on the best time.

But the tradition series, speaks on her Comeback after the corona crisis, especially on a subject: the new BMW Sound! “We all realize that the car sounds, maybe more hair is exactly the same as in the previous year,” says track spy and Vice-champion Nico Müller, who only comes on Tuesday, in conversation with ‘’.

“In the higher rpm range it sounds the car is now robust,” says the Audi driver is the new four-cylinder turbo sound of the competition. “Now, whether that’s better or worse, I can’t say. But that changes happen, the you realize already.”

Vice-champion Müller expects the strengthening of the BMW

in fact, the Munich-based have been revised in the Winter of the M4, to get the stability problems and the vibration from the previous year, in the handle. Perhaps you have created it in the exhaust system manual.

Tight, was sitting in Jonathan but yours the car, was with his morning’s best time by over four-tenths faster than Rene Rasts Pole time (1:19.642) from the previous year.

However, Muller warns us not to jump to conclusions: “You never know who is driving what programs. At the earliest, on the last day, when you have the total overview, you can make first assessments. However, it is clear that it will again be tight, probably even tighter than in the past.”

So Kubica’s delivery of the first day of the test

In the overall standings of the first day of the Audi team substantiated closed the places two to five behind the Leader Closely. Barely in appearance, the two top pilots-grid and Marco Wittmann were: The reigning champion came out with around two-tenths of a second behind in fifth place, while Wittmann, sitting in Timo Glocks car was lagging in seventh place, almost seven tenths.

more meaningful than the lap times the number of laps is. And the shows that Audi has begun on the first day of the test properly and more miles came as a BMW: a Total of three Ingolstadt came in cars to a whopping 585 rounds, while it was at the Munich competition for 383 laps.

especially Wittmann stand in the afternoon, a long time from a still unknown reason in the Box and came to a modest 13 rounds, while the master grid came in the same period, the marathon distance of 115 laps. Kubica needs before his first DTM race kilometers, from the winding in the morning, 53 and in the afternoon, 70 rounds – not a bad Start for Poland, which is still in the process of adaptation.

result:in the morning: 1. Philipp Eng (AUT/BMW-M4) 1:19.204 (60 approx.)2. Robin Frijns (NED/Audi RS 5) 1:19.214 (86 Rd.)3. Ferdinand Habsburg (AUT/Audi RS 5) 1:19.311 (85 Rd.)4. Mike Rockenfeller (D/Audi RS 5) 1:19.359 (86 Rd.)5. Rene Rast (GER/Audi RS 5) 1:19.406 (79 Rd.)6. Sheldon van der Linde (RSA/BMW-M4) 1:19.511 (63 Rd.)7. Marco Wittmann (GER/BMW-M4) 1:19.890 (52 Rd.)8. Fabio Scherer (SUI/Audi RS 5) 1:20.117 (49 Rd.)9. Robert Kubica (POL/BMW-M4) 1:20.519 (53 Rd.)

the result of the afternoon:1. Mike Rockenfeller (D/Audi RS 5) 1:19.836 (112 Rd.)2. Philipp Eng (AUT/BMW-M4) 1:19.897 (100 Rd.)3. Ferdinand Habsburg (AUT/Audi RS 5) 1:19.938 (78 Rd.)4. Sheldon van der Linde (RSA/BMW-M4) 1:20.111 (95 Rd.)5. Fabio Scherer (SUI/Audi RS 5) 1:20.602 (76 Rd.)6. Marco Wittmann (GER/BMW-M4) 1:20.674 (13 Rd.)7. Robert Kubica (POL/BMW-M4) 1:20.920 (70 Rd.)8. Rene Rast (GER/Audi RS 5) 1:20.946 (115 approx.)9. Robin Frijns (NED/Audi RS 5) 1:21.206 (107 Rd.)

This article was written by Sven Haidinger

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