Donald Trump recommends the malarial agent hydroxychloroquine to the Corona prophylaxis. Now there’s a study, but researchers doubt its seriousness.

researchers are working feverishly to a drug and a vaccine against the Coronavirus Sars-CoV-2*. Meanwhile, there are several promising candidates, such as the Malaria drug hydroxychloroquine . Now a study has been released, and even the authors self-doubt.

U.S. President Donald Trump swears on the Malaria drug hydroxychloroquine . Trump swallows the Mediterranean as a prophylaxis against infection with the Coronavirus Sars-CoV-2 . His statement caused a debate about the Benefits and harms of hydroxychloroquine . The US pharmaceutical authority, FDA warns against such a hydroxychloroquine use of the Agent, and refers to possible side effects , such as severe heart rhythm disorders.

published a new US study this drug. With a result – the US President Donald Trump you may also be interested in: The agent hydroxychloroquine protects the contact persons of Sars-CoV-2-Infected not in front of a contagion.

researchers at The University of Minnesota had prescribed volunteers and other Placebos. Previously, the subjects were without a mouth – or eye protection at distances of less than 1.80 meters for a minimum of 10 minutes in the vicinity of a proven Infected .

Coronavirus: drug hydroxy chloroquine does not protect against infection, say researchers

All study participants ill later with the same probability to Covid-19 how to contact people to get a no-effect placebo had. The results of their study in front of the researchers noted in the journal The New England Journal of Medicine .

hydroxychloroquine in the case of Coronavirus infection

The effectiveness of hydroxychloroquine in the case of existing disease is currently being tested in numerous studies. Previous investigations were not secured note , that it ameliorates the symptoms or the duration of the disease shortened. The Mediterranean is therefore under special observation, because U.S. President Donald Trump it had repeatedly praised as a miracle cure and specified, it is prophylactic to take, to protect yourself from the Virus .

hydroxy chloroquine: WHO sets study with Covid-19-patients

The world health organization (WHO) had on Wednesday (3. June) announced that suspended the Tests with the Malaria drug in Covid-19-Sick be resumed. The agent is part of a WHO-coordinated research series with more than 3500 patients in 35 countries. The Trials had been suspended at the end of may, temporarily, after it was said in a report in the medical journal the Lancet, hydroxychloroquine increasing quite possibly rate the death. The Berlin-based virologist Christian Drosten has expressed scepticism to the Malaria drug chloroquine as a drug against Corona in the NDR Podcast.

doubt study: trade magazine the Lancet, and the authors distance themselves

On the publication, however, there are now substantial doubt, . “The Lancet” has published an official warning (“Expression of Concern”). There is “serious scientific questions” the of the researchers of the specified data. The journal asked the authors to examine the study again. However, the study Director Mandeep Mehra from Harvard University and the Co-authors Frank Ruschitzka from the University hospital of Zurich and Amit Patel of the University of Utah, the company Surgisphere , which had supplied the data, shared by independent Verification, reject. “On the basis of this development, we could not explained for the accuracy of the primary data and vouch “, the authors, and apologized for the magazine and its readers.

The Science Media centre that counts as one of the inconsistencies that the study is based on a higher number of in-hospital deceased Covid-19-patients in Australia, as in Australia in fact, overall, were reported. In addition, the authors would have claimed to have 4402 patients in Africa included, – it was, according to critics, but unlikely that African could ill make houses detailed electronic health records for many patients.

From the Chicago based on the data collection back, also came for a study in The New England Journal of Medicine other active ingredients, in doubt give also. The process of Peer Review by experts is not intended for use in the location, the quality of that underlying to check data, said Ulrich Dirnagl , Director of the Department of Experimental neurology at the Charité in Berlin , who was involved in neither of the two studies. You are not subject to the volunteer reviewers at all, in addition, the reviewers wouldn’t have the time to check.

“often it remains in a kind of” Reality Check ” the scientific question, the methodology used and the results,” said Dirnagl. “Just a really violations to fall with great likelihood.” In times of a pandemic , the scientists and journals to publish under extreme time pressure tried, is to detect the Review process even less able to errors and manipulations. There is currently any amount of studies with poorly collected or insufficient data, criticized Dirnagl. “As under a magnifying glass, and time-compresses the Corona-crisis shows us just how important quality assurance in science.”