After his team lost to Duke in the quarterfinals at the Atlantic Coast Conference Tournament, the 77-year old said that it was the best season he’d ever had. “It’s enough,” he said.

Syracuse was 16-17, barring a highly unlikely postseason invitation. The Orange were unable to close out games throughout the season. Against Duke, they failed again late and were outscored 10-0 in final 3:30.

Boeheim was able to coach his two sons, Jimmy (and Buddy) this season, and that was a great accomplishment at this stage in his Hall of Fame career.

Jim Boeheim stated, “Sometimes you don’t have to say much.”

The coach was not bitter because Buddy Boeheim (ACC’s top scorer) had to sit on the bench and watch as No. 7 Duke.

The ACC suspended Buddy Boeheim on Wednesday for punching Wyatt Wilkes, Florida State’s, in the stomach.

Buddy was accompanied by his father and brother to the post-game news conference. He apologized for his temper again, for not setting an example for children who look up and for not being available to help the team.

Buddy Boeheim stated, “It was an honest mistake on mine.” “I must accept that. I have to be honest with myself. I’m not here for the argument about whether I should have played or was wrongfully suspended.

His father wasn’t ready to let go.

Jim Boeheim acknowledged that Buddy could have been flagrant 2, which would have led to an ejection on Wednesday. About midway through the second half, the Orange led by 18 points. Buddy had scored eight. They won 96-57.

The officials completely missed the punch. There was no foul called, and there was no video review. Wilkes did however go down on the floor for a second.

“If it had been properly handled, if they would’ve looked at video — they have looked at video every single day this year — the child was lying on the ground. Wyatt lay on the ground. They’re going to penalize those guys (the officials). They are not going to punish those men. Jim Boeheim stated that they are punishing this man because they failed to do their job.

When asked about the punch that occurred after the game, Florida State coach Leonard Hamilton attempted to diffuse the situation by praising Buddy Boeheim for his character.

Jim Boeheim believed Buddy was still fair. He was suspended for a playoff game, even though there was no guarantee that Buddy would be allowed to play again.

“I have seen people hit people and knock them into the stands. Then they get a one-game suspension. Jim Boeheim stated that he received the maximum punishment for his actions.

As a senior, Buddy Boeheim was able to surpass even his father’s expectations in college. He was nicknamed “Buddy Buckets” for his sharp shooting, which led Syracuse to an unexpected Sweet 16 win last season.

“I just wanted to thank everyone who supported me during this journey. It has been amazing. It’s amazing. I would do anything to be able to wear it. Buddy Boeheim choked up at the end, saying that he truly gave it all he had each day.

Jimmy Boeheim was a Cornell student for his first four years. He became one of the most respected players in Cornell’s Ivy League. After that, he transferred to Syracuse as a graduate student.

He was also a skilled ACC player and his last college game may have been his best.

Jimmy Boeheim had a season-high 28 point total, going 6-9 from 3-point range and seven rebounds in all forty minutes against Duke.

Jimmy said of Buddy, “I wanted him to win one more (game)”.

The Boeheim boys were raised around their father’s programs, wiping the floors, and dreaming about one day being like the great players at the Carrier Dome.

“I understand the standards that come with it. Jimmy Boeheim stated that we didn’t live up this year.

Buddy Boeheim stated that “Not the season that we wanted.” It will be painful forever. I did get so many positive things out of this season. I loved this season with my big brother. He helped me get to where I am today and pushed me to do better each day.

Jim Boeheim stated that it was not a given that his sons would be good-enough to play in his program. Even Buddy, who is the more highly recruited of them both, said the same.

Jim Boeheim stated, “But they worked hard and became really, really good basketball player.” They were called Division II or III players by Syracuse’s social media users. That part is now extinguished, I believe. They have made it this far. They’re not bad, but they are amazing at how they got there.”

The Boeheim boys will continue to move forward.

Dad isn’t done, he ranks second in NCAA Division I men’s basketball career wins (998) behind Mike Krzyzewski (1 1,197).

“We’ll miss you guys,” Jim Boeheim said. These guys are what I will miss the most. They won’t be there, but you will next year.