The best Team of the 3. League-must-not-upgrade – 1860, Haching, FCI and Würzburg hope

Munich – It was a game without seven regulars, with even more teenagers in the Team – and yet, the little Bavaria on Sunday were too big for the ascension candidates Waldhof Mannheim (final result 2:3). The base of the record master is in 3. League in a class by itself, the Figures speak for themselves: Four wins and a draw to the Corona-break, the most wins in the second round (10), the greatest offensive power (63 goals this season) and not only the highest pace felt on the court. According to red dominance in the upper house, now the red dominance in the 3. League? Double-scorer Malik Tillman, 18, of the contributed modestly said: “I am delighted to have the team helped.”

Of their own with three points, the other Clubs with a perspective. While the base of the record master is not allowed to rise in accordance with the articles of Association, to benefit the four Bavarian competitor of of protect the aid of the “Bayern Amateurs”, because of the relegation place (currently rank 4) is left by the result of Mannheim in range for Würzburg (points with Rostock), Ingolstadt (a), 1860 (2) and Unterhaching (three). An Overview of the Bavarian championship in the Fifty/fifty chances for promotion.

Würzburg(space 5/51 points)

Also, the Kickers Würzburg have come out of the corona break, got ten out of a possible 15 meters, and are determined to bring their run to the finish, as Frank crane Witter of the main post reported. What speaks for the main-Franconia: a homogeneous Team, the winger Fabio Kaufmann, 27, protrudes, the double scorer at the 2:1 against 1860. Also the rest of the Kickers sounds feasible – with Rostock, a Team from the Top 10 of the League, the würzburg ambitions get in the way.

Only the latent smoldering trainer debate could torpedo the project. Michael Schiele in his third season, excellent work, and a certain Felix Magath, officially only a consultant could have other personnel in mind. Just a coincidence that Magath-Intimus Bernd Hollerbach has left six days ago, his Belgian Club Royal Mouscron? Again, Kickers-expert Kranewitter: “Against the hollersbach-rumor is he will be able to fight back bad.” Unless, it is extended with Schiele what is in front of Magaths entry so it was planned.

Ingolstadt(space 6/50 points)

Hardly, he was forced to stand the Coronavirus in the League to a standstill – a Situation that must feel a Treibauf like Tomas Oral, 47, as particularly distressing. His first Match then went promptly in addition (1:2 against Bayern II), however, since it runs reasonably passable for the second League Relegated: Eight points from the last four Games, most not earned, but fought for, such as the FCI-expert Gottfried Sterner reported. “Not meat, not fish,” says the man from the Danube courier on results and performances, the Ingolstadt-based company, which have three real chunks in front of the chest: Today, it goes against Brunswick, eight days later against Mannheim before on 4. July, the League finals at the TSV 1860 is on the rise. Sterners forecast: “I’m afraid that it’s only for one of two teams to do something.” With motivation tricks à la Oral was to be expected under the circumstances, to: “armbands, car wash or whatever. With regard to the holds yet.“

TSV 1860(8th, 49 points)

Probably none at TSV 1860 would deny that the Team has come since the corona break a little out of step. Michael Köllners points of intersection, beginning in 2020, still proud of 1.85, is now that of an earthly Coach (seven in five Games), but a further six games to be Yes – in which, thanks to the help of Bayern II can still be exciting. Today, in Cologne, and on Sunday against hall wins duty to keep the Chance of the play-off place alive. It is now clear: Sascha Mölders is back in the starting line-up for the Dennis Dressel is not available. “He is tired and will remain in Munich,” says Köllner, who wants nothing to do with an early endgame, on the contrary: “We can be proud of and glad that the team has ever produced such a Situation.”

SpVgg Unterhaching(9th place, 48 points)

ICE-pace in the direction of 2. League had called for President Manni Schwabl, Bayerische oberlandbahn get, but what is this 3:3 in Zwickau? Only the upper line fault (three goals within 33 minutes), a-train, then, at the end, after all, the red and blue were halfway back to the Track. Of further damage to persons, the Team of Claus Schromm was spared, which is why the coach in front of the ground-breaking home match against competition in Mannheim (Wednesday, 19 clock), is to ask what he always asks for: give full throttle, passionate football matches – to assess the Situation in the table.