FC Bayern is preparing for the top game of the 3. League against Eintracht Braunschweig. An objection of Prussia Münster interferes with the preparation of the U23.

preparation of FC Bayern 2 on the top of the game in Eintracht Braunschweig on 30. Round is interrupted by an objection. The SC Preußen Münster is after the defeat of Wednesday , in his explanatory statement that “contrary to the principles of Fair Play and equal opportunities” have been violated. The U23 had decided the match in the closing stages, with 3:2.

Munich– Even the twelve-week break from the game could affect the small Bayern nothing. Two further Wins third League confirmed-newly promoted FC Bayern II after the restart, his excellent Constitution, which had made him already in front of the corona-induced season, the interruption to the best team in the second round. So it was only understandable that coach Sebastian Hoeness on Wednesday after the 3:2 at home, the question of how he assessed the chances of getting the classes to hold> success with SC Preußen Münster </strong, as inappropriately rejected.

3. League: Preußen Münster submit an objection against 2:3-defeat at FC Bayern

this Saturday ( 14 Uhr ) is now the “Bayern-Amateurs on tour,” the point is the same Braunschweig he Eintracht , the so, in contrast of course to the rise of legitimate benefits in the middle of a tight race for the promotion places is located. The first leg in Munich had won the Junior of the champion in the eleventh round with 2:0.

On Friday evening followed, meanwhile, is still a surprising message: SC Preußen Münster filed an appeal against the classification of the 2:3 defeat at the little Bavaria. The only justification of Westphalia, is: “that the host of the game has infringed the principles of Fair Play and equal opportunities.”

SC Preußen Münster: opinion on Facebook

On Facebook, the descent candidate, released a longer statement: “Since we are us because of the authority position, it is only since the 26. May in the team training, we see the principles of fair competition no longer guaranteed“, is managing Director Malte Metzelder quotes. “We want to keep with our approach, at least, respecting the deadlines of all remedies open to it.”

Trainer Sascha Hildmann provides to the short preparation and the strain of Travel for the health of his players: “We fly between two home games across the Republic, the FCK has time to play four home in one piece. Where is the Fairness?“, the 48-Year-old on Friday asked in an interview with the westfälische Nachrichten. “And the cross – band and muscle bundle tears are simply noted approvingly.”

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