The most popular sport in Spain is football. The primary body, the Royal Spanish Football Federation, organizes the football matches in the country, including the famous La Liga. Spain also prides itself on having several of the world’s most renowned players and the most successful football clubs altogether.

Other famous players from Spanish clubs can be found all over Europe and America.The coins truly contain great talent and skill sets, with the best La Liga picks associating with the following clubs:

Real Madrid

A Spanish football club, Real Madrid, has bagged 91 titles nationally and internationally and now comes top of the list of the most performing clubs. Founded many years ago in 1902, Real Madrid has won 34 La Liga games and 19 Copa del Rey titles. It now has 2 UEFA Europa League titles and 13 UEFA Champions League titles, making it one of the wealthier clubs worldwide. The club has also won the FIFA World Cup four times.


Barcelona, a Spanish club, was founded in 1899 and has won 94 national and international titles ever since. Other achievements worth mentioning are 26 and 30 La Liga and Copa del Rey titles, respectively. The 2021-22 football season also saw Barcelona bag 2 Copa de la Liga and 13 Supercopa de Espaa titles.

Throughout the football season, the club has also won 4 UEFA Cups and 5 UEFA Championship League titles. Barcelona has also won the Inter-Cities Fairs Trophy thrice, the UEFA Super Cup five times, and the FIFA World Cup thrice.

Athletic Bilbao

Bilbao Football Club in Bilbao, Spain, has won 34 national and international cups since its establishment in 1898. Athletic Bilbao, also known as The Lions among fans, is one of only three soccer clubs to have never been relegated from La Liga.The club has won 23 Copa del Rey cups and 8 La Liga tournaments since 1898.

Atl├ętico Madrid

Atl├ętico Madrid was founded in 1903 and has won 31 national and international championships since then.The club also has 10 La Liga and Copa del Rey titles and a UEFA Cup Winners’ trophy from the previous football season.


The Spanish soccer club Valencia was established in 1919 and is popularly known as The Oranges amongst football fans. With 23 national and international titles, Valencia wraps up the top five list of the most successful football clubs in Spain. The success is evident from several achievements: 6 La Liga titles, 8 Copa del Rey cups, a UEFA Cup Winners’ title, and a Supercopa de Espaa trophy. Valencia

It has also won the UEFA Intertoto Cup and the UEFA Super Cup twice, which incredibly marks its portfolio.


Football enthusiasm is all over, with the majority being staunch followers of their favorite soccer clubs in Spain. These clubs produce world-class famous players from all over the world, redefining gameplay for each season.The clubs also boast brilliant talent and solid strategies, making every match worth looking forward to. A real eye treat, right?