The European Football Union Uefa is easing the ban against Russian football teams and allowing the youth teams to take part in their competitions again. The UEFA Executive Committee decided this at its meeting on Tuesday in Limassol, Cyprus. At the same time, however, the ban on all Russian senior teams was confirmed as long as the war of aggression in Ukraine continues.

Excluding children from competitions is direct discrimination, said Uefa President Aleksander Ceferin: “By offering the opportunity to play and compete with their peers from all over Europe, we are investing in a hopefully smarter and more capable future generation and a better future. “

A technical solution should now be developed to reinstate Russian U17 teams, even if draws for tournaments have already taken place. However, it remains the case that these teams will play without an anthem or flag. Competitions on Russian soil are also still excluded.

Meanwhile, the 2024 UEFA Super Cup final between the Champions League winner and the Europa League winner has been awarded to Warsaw.