From the point of view of England football legend Gary Lineker, FC Bayern Munich’s chances of winning the Champions League would increase “considerably” with target striker Harry Kane.

Kane “definitely” makes the difference and he “makes you a favorite for the title right away if he finds his way around quickly,” said the former international in an interview with “Sport Bild”.

The German record champions are always among the five or six favorites for the title. “But you could clearly see that they were missing Robert Lewandowski. Kane would definitely replace Lewandowski in terms of quality and goals,” said Lineker (62). Last season nobody really believed that Bayern could win the title, “because they obviously lacked that nine. At least at the level of the years before.”

Fourth Bayern offer

According to information from the TV broadcaster Sky, the Munich team want to make a fourth offer in transfer poker with Tottenham Hotspur for Kane. This should therefore be in the range of 110 million euros including possible bonus payments. According to media reports, the captain of the English national team wants to have clarity before the start of the Premier League next weekend.

If you have the money and want to spend it on a 30-year-old, there’s no better person than Kane. “A player like Kane can bring Bayern a lot of success,” said Lineker, who advocates a change in the star striker: “For him it would be a really good change that comes at the right time.”

Kane, a three-time Premier League top scorer and all-time record goalscorer for the national team, may be an outstanding footballer but has never won a trophy. “He finally needs a few trophies in the cupboard. Harry has had unbelievable bad luck that he hasn’t managed to do it over the years. If there is a guaranteed title in football, it’s with Bayern in the Bundesliga,” said Lineker.