Sore muscles – this story is also about that. Not just anyone’s, but mine. Don’t be put off. Keep going! Because it should also be about the happiness of perseverance. I’ve been experiencing it for 720 days, and in that time I’ve come to love it, my sore muscles – the slight pulling sensation in my shoulders, upper arms, legs, especially when I get up in the morning. I’ve felt it everywhere, even in the soles of my feet; no idea how it got there. I’ve grown fond of it because it’s just part of it when you finally want to get fit. And that’s exactly what I planned to do in the spring two years ago.

Today I can do three pull-ups in a row and recently I did my first handstand in years against the wall. And I can do 100 burpees – push-ups with stretch jumps – in just under an hour. Even loaded with shopping bags, I can quickly climb four floors without gasping for air at the top. It wasn’t easy to get this far. But the result is worth the effort.

Getting fit is a life decision. Because being fit turns everything on its head. Tired or sporty – it depends on how often you collapse in front of the television, how much you are out and about in the evenings, how long you sleep and who you meet, what you buy and what you eat. And of course: fitness doesn’t come to us. It needs to be developed through hard training. And it doesn’t just stay, it has to be maintained. It’s about starting and persevering. It is a path without a finish line. It takes that much honesty.

Maybe you’re now thinking: I don’t need to read any further. I can’t do what she did there. I’m not like that. Not me. Maybe you don’t want more to-dos in your everyday life. And maybe you don’t want to do handstands either. Nevertheless, keep going through the following paragraphs. It’s worth it, I promise. Because everyone can do it in their own way.

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