The calendar year 2022 had some highlights and emotional moments for Eintracht Frankfurt. Kevin Trapp describes it as “the best year” in the club’s history for a long time. But he is also looking ahead.

The successful run in the Europa League up to the title, qualifying for the Champions League and reaching the round of 16, as well as the impressive first half of the current season, despite the difficult three game days at the beginning.

It was an emotional and overall very successful calendar year for Eintracht. Players and fans will be talking about the Europa League title and the premier class for a long time to come.

“I dare say it’s the best year that Eintracht has had in a very, very, very long time,” said Kevin Trapp with satisfaction (via kicker). He himself has always been an important support for his team. He recorded numerous points and victories for his teammates.

And despite the many reasons to be very satisfied right now, Trapp didn’t want to draw any bigger conclusions. “We’re not finished yet, we still have a lot of potential in the team,” he emphasized.

The last few weeks in particular have shown that. In which Frankfurt has not only mostly played successfully, but also worth seeing and entertaining. Oliver Glasner was regularly able to stand in front of the cameras with a smile and emphasize how proud he is of his squad. You go into the break fourth in the table.

And yet Trapp is now “first of all glad that it’s over”. After all, the year was also “very intense” for the SBU. In the current season alone, 24 competitive games have already been played due to participation in three competitions.

Now his focus is on the World Cup. For him, the goal is to bring the German national team “back to the top of the world”.

With this ambition and the courage to make such statements, the keeper can really go ahead after this SBU year. The focus will then return to everyday life in the league. Then you have to see “where we need to improve”. He still wants to eliminate one weakness: “The fact is: we concede too many goals, sometimes very easy ones. We also have to be more stable with set pieces.”

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