Freestyle swimmer Lukas Märtens narrowly missed a sensation. At the German Swimming Championships in Berlin, the man from Magdeburg won the 400 meter freestyle in 3:40.33 minutes and missed Paul Biedermann’s world record from 2009 by 0.26 seconds. Only Biedermann and Ian Thorpe were ever faster than the European champion.

“What was that?” asked Märtens, completely surprised. Until the last turn he was on course for a record. He took it calmly that he had now become a favorite for the Olympic Games in Paris. “I set my own goals and do well to keep them in mind,” said Märtens.

Sister Leonie also successful

He was not only happy for himself, but also for his sister Leonie. She came second behind European champion Isabel Gose in the 400 meter freestyle and thus secured her second Olympic ticket.

This meant that two dreams for Leonie Märtens came true. On the one hand, the first Olympic start for brother and sister in German swimming history. On the other hand, because her mother gave her a dog as a gift. The unborn Chihuahua should be given the appropriate name Paris.

World champion Angelina Köhler became the undisputed German champion in the 100 meter butterfly. The Berliner already had her ticket for the Summer Games in her pocket and is now trying to win it in the 200 meter butterfly on Saturday.