After Tim Skarke’s planned transfer ended, some Schalke fans had some hope: Apparently Jens Petter Hauge should be loaned out. However, it quickly became apparent that this was not even a loose rumour.

Schalke has been talking about Tim Skarke for weeks – and in the end he still doesn’t come. Many Gelsenkirchen fans are upset because a few days before the Bundesliga restarted, no player was brought in to close the largest construction site.

Shortly thereafter, there was a little new hope through the circulating message that Jens Petter Hauge should be a candidate for S04. His loan to KAA Gent is to be broken off, but Eintracht Frankfurt would like to lend the winger again straight away. One who would fit well with Schalke in terms of position and is actually too good a player for the relegation battle.

However, this soup was and is cooked much hotter than it is actually eaten. Because there is nothing to the reports about Hauge and royal blue.

The rumour, which was never really one, goes back to a quite ambiguous statement by the Polish sports reporter Marcin Borzecki. He spends a lot of time with Schalke and would have liked the 23-year-old to spend the second half of the season with the promoted side. Instead, the rumor circulated that he was a transfer candidate.

Borzecki has probably already explained it to other Twitter users with whom he is in regular contact. Sport1 reporter Christopher Michel, a reliable source around the SGE, commented: “Seriously: that wouldn’t be coherent either Deal. Hauge now needs the blatant opposite of S04: a calm environment in which he can find his old strength again. Deepest relegation battle in the Bundesliga? At the moment there is a lack of mentality and stability.”

If there had been any truth to the report, he would have said so already given his comment on the subject. Schalke may have even dealt with Hauge, but the current rumor has nothing to do with it. In addition, it is considered unlikely that this will change.

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