On June 14, 2024, Germany’s national soccer team will start the home European Championship with the opening game in Munich.

The first ticket application phase for the tournament with a total of 24 participants begins on the UEFA website from 2 p.m. Prices range from 30 to 1000 euros. The most important questions before the first phase:

How do I get tickets?

Sales and the raffle take place exclusively on the official EM homepage (euro2024.com). Fans have already been able to pre-register here, but can also do so before applying. Applications for all 51 games are possible in the first phase from Tuesday until October 26th. The only restriction: Those interested can only purchase tickets for one game per day. As with the World Cup in Qatar, tickets will only be available digitally – and no longer on paper as before.

It doesn’t matter when fans apply within the specified period. UEFA promises “a fair and transparent draw” in the event that there are more applications than the 1.2 million tickets available at this stage. Given the great interest, this is difficult to assume. Fans can only influence their own luck by submitting an application. After that, they also depend on the luck of the draw. Simply buying a ticket is not possible.

When do I have the chance to get which tickets?

The best chance is likely to come in the first phase, which begins on Tuesday, as the largest contingent of tickets will be sold. The disadvantage in this phase: Apart from host Germany, those interested do not know which games they are applying for. This will largely only be determined after the draw on December 2nd in Hamburg. Afterwards there will be another ticket phase, which is aimed primarily at fans of the qualified nations. During this phase, around one million cards are expected to come onto the market.

Further phases will follow after the playoffs in March – this is where the three remaining participants will be determined – and shortly before the tournament in “last minute sales” as well as during the tournament for the knockout round. The games are played in Berlin, Munich, Leipzig, Hamburg, Dortmund, Gelsenkirchen, Cologne, Düsseldorf, Frankfurt/Main and Stuttgart.

How much do the tickets cost?

The cheapest tickets are available for 30 euros in the preliminary round. The exception is the opening game in Munich, where tickets start at 50 euros on June 14th (9 p.m.). From the round of 16 onwards it becomes more expensive in all categories. In the most expensive one, a normal group game ticket costs at least 200 euros, and in the final on July 14th in the Berlin Olympic Stadium it costs 1,000 euros. The prizes are staggered over the course of the tournament and become more expensive with each knockout round.

In the preliminary round, tickets cost between 30 and 200 euros, and for the opening game between 50 and 600 euros. This is followed by the round of 16 (50 to 250 euros), the quarter-finals (60 to 300 euros), the semi-finals (80 to 600 euros) and the final, where tickets are available for between 95 and 1000 euros. The significantly more expensive hospitality packages have been on the market for a long time.

Are tickets personalized? Can they be returned?

The tickets are initially personalized to the person who ordered them. This person can place orders in their name for a total of four people. He only has to give the names of his “guests” later in a corresponding app – if you successfully apply for several games, the guests can vary from game to game. UEFA wants to enable returns at the purchase price via official channels. The feared black market should be combated in this way.

What about children?

Children generally need tickets. Babies or small children who could theoretically sit on their parents’ lap are not exempt from this. “All children, regardless of their age, need a valid ticket and are therefore allocated a seat,” says UEFA. Unlike in the Bundesliga, the ticket prices are not divided into full-paying and reduced rates.

Tickets for fans with disabilities are provided for each game. “These tickets are offered in the cheapest category, regardless of where the accessible seats are located in the stadium,” the organizers wrote. You can also apply for a free ticket for an accompanying person. There is no standing room at the European Championships.