The expiring contract with Borussia Dortmund ensures even greater interest in Youssoufa Moukoko. FC Bayern – especially through Manuel Neuer – and FC Barcelona are also currently associated with him.

“Come to Bayern,” said Manuel Neuer at the national team’s press conference on Saturday when Youssoufa Moukoko spoke about his future at BVB, which is still open.

A statement that certainly drew attention. Of course, Neuer is not able to make such decisions for Munich. And yet it brought the idea that Bayern also have to deal with a possibly free Moukoko on the agenda.

Now the picture reports that on Säbener Straße there were actually intensive thoughts about the attacker who had come of age since Sunday.

Those responsible are said to have weighed up whether a transfer attempt would make sense. According to the report, the result: FCB will not advertise for Moukoko. It is said that this result was made “early” and “clearly”.

Instead, according to the picture, there is a growing tendency for the striker to sign a contract extension in Dortmund anyway. The trust on the part of Edin Terzic and the good relationship between coach and player should play an important role.

The Catalan sport also speaks of this trend. However: Barcelona should also find Moukoko extremely interesting.

The newspaper repeatedly emphasizes that it is a “big dream” for the Borussia man to play for Barca sooner or later. He was “pure talent” and not least because of the – as of now – expiring contract has become all the more interesting. Barcelona have already expressed a basic interest, so it should have arrived at the 18-year-old.

Will that ensure that any doubts about the contract extension grow again? Uncertain and quite unlikely. Nevertheless, it still cannot be ruled out that there could still be a turnaround.

After all, according to sport, Moukoko should also place high demands on black and yellow: On the one hand, he wants to play regularly in the Champions League – which is by no means a certainty for the current season. On the other hand, if he were to extend his contract, he would like an exit clause in the same form as Erling Haaland had for last summer.

In addition, the picture, again, spoke of high salary demands. He would probably like to have around seven million euros transferred per year. Anything but a small step, even for BVB itself – despite the great talent.

But even Barca could not pay too high wages for a youngster. “An agreement is difficult, although not impossible,” said sport. Should Moukoko be available for the club on a free transfer and on reasonable terms, they will try to get him.

However, everything now seems to be heading towards staying in Dortmund. This is no longer an issue for Bayern.

This article was originally published on as Race for BVB jewel Moukoko: The Stand at Bayern and Barca.