Actually, this time everything should be different at Bayern. Actually, they finally wanted to break away from the Ancelottis and Guardiolas, who only stayed a few years on the Isar and then moved on. Actually, you wanted to build up a young coaching talent and shape an era with him. Actually, they wanted to hold on to Julian Nagelsmann – even if things got stormy…

All empty words. Nagelsmann was just on his skis in the Zillertal, now it’s clear that he was probably also sitting on a shaky chair. The adventure is over. Young trainer, Thomas Tuchel, take over!

It remains to be seen whether it makes sense to fire the coach now. Likewise, whether it is consistent, strategically clever or sustainable. With Nagelsmann, Bayern let go of a first-class coach and got a world-class coach in return.

It would be wrong to describe Tuchel as a “lucky stroke”, he was too successful for that. And he will continue to expand his trophy collection in Munich. Tuchel is technically (one) of the best coaches in Europe. He made football scientific. Why he wins or loses, why paths don’t work or why his pressing leads to possession of the ball: he has an explanation for everything that happens on the pitch – and for most problems there is also a solution.

His previous positions have shown that the way he trains and plays can drive his own team crazy. Tuchel is obsessed with tactics, processes and discipline. Every cog wheel has to mesh with the other in its game, otherwise the system won’t work. For FC Bayern – and especially its players – the coming weeks and months will be brutal. But they too will be successful with Thomas Tuchel’s idea. As his idea has always been successful so far. “Achievement through discipline. Discipline through tactics” George Orwell might have written. It’s exactly what Bayern need after the bloodless performances in the Bundesliga.

So where is the catch in the Tuchel personnel? That is certainly himself. Whether in Dortmund, in Paris or at Chelsea – everyone who has worked with Tuchel uses the same word for the relationship with him: “difficult”.

In his work, Tuchel apparently always moves between genius and madness. Between a clear plan and mania for control. The officials of his previous employers often say he was “offended”. That is also the reason why he cannot be successful in the long term. At some point he will fall out with managing directors, board members or sports directors.

My colleague Max Seiden thread is of the opinion that Tuchel will also fail in Munich. Read why here:

But he doesn’t need to fear that at Bayern at the moment. Tuchel will be able to do as he pleases on Säbener Straße. This changeable season has meant that the tanker “FCB” is currently bobbing around aimlessly. Oliver Kahn looks like he’s still looking for his role as CEO and Hasan Salihamidžić won’t be able to slow down Tuchel alone if things go in a direction that Bayern don’t like.

The people of Munich have brought the wolf into the sheep pen. And in the months to come, the wolf will teach the sheep to walk. Bayern will be successful again. They will see what price they have to pay for it.