After ski jumping, the German Nordic Combined athletes are on course for medals and even have gold chances.

Johannes Rydzek, Eric Frenzel, Vinzenz Geiger and Julian Schmid are third after each jumping off the large hill in the decisive 4×5 kilometer cross-country race on Wednesday afternoon.

The gap to the leading Norwegians around the outstanding Jarl Magnus Riiber is 23 seconds. Austria is three seconds ahead of the powerful team of national coach Hermann Weinbuch.

In good conditions, Schmid managed a splendid jump of 137 meters. “The jump was really, really strong. He got everything out of it,” said Olympic champion Geiger. After Schmid’s jump, German fans hugged each other at the hill. “Maybe we can work with Austria so that we can catch up again,” said Geiger. “All four of us are in a good mood and we’re really in the mood. We want to attack again for gold if it’s possible.”

If the German team makes it onto the podium, Frenzel would set a record and become the sole World Championship medal record holder by winning his 18th medal. He currently shares the record of 17 podium finishes with Norwegian cross-country legend Björn Dählie.