Matthias Sammer has announced sharp criticism of the state of German football.

“Sooner or later I’ll speak up even more clearly because, in my opinion, German football is in the greatest crisis since I can remember. We’re world champions and European champions at most when it comes to finding excuses and finding explanations as to why it’s not working “Sammer said in the podcast “Phrasen Mäher” of the “Bild” newspaper, from which “Sport Bild” published excerpts. “I am shocked and stunned at how this huge crisis is being glossed over without taking responsibility.”

What exactly Sammer criticizes is not clear from the published excerpts. However, the 1996 European champion made it clear that Germany is currently not an opponent to fear for many other nations. “We don’t have to win everything again right away, but that from a sporting point of view you’re afraid of playing against Germany again because you know it’s almost impossible to beat them – we have to get back to that quickly. That’s my big wish !”, he said.