The ex-president of the Spanish Football Association, Luis Rubiales, accused by the judiciary of corruption and sexual aggression, was detained on his return home.

Rubiales was initially taken into custody at Adolfo Su├írez Airport by officers from the responsible police unit, the Guardia Civil (Civil Guard), and released again after a short time, the state TV broadcaster RTVE and other media reported. There was no official announcement about this. However, when asked by the German Press Agency, a spokesman for the Guardia Civil said that RTVE’s report was correct. Rubiales had denied all allegations against him.

After a stay in the Dominican Republic, Rubiales reportedly landed in Madrid on a scheduled flight on Wednesday. He was met by officials at the airport and informed about his situation, according to RTVE. It is expected that he will soon receive a summons from the responsible judge to be heard in the matter of the alleged irregular contracts.

Investigations against Rubiales

Rubiales is being investigated over alleged irregular contracts concluded during his five-year presidency of the RFEF football association. The alleged crimes in this case include commercial corruption, unfair administration and money laundering. Criminal investigations are also underway in Spain against the 46-year-old because of the kissing scandal at the 2023 World Cup in Australia, which caused a stir worldwide. Rubiales kissed player Jennifer Hermoso on the mouth at the award ceremony after winning the World Cup title. Hermoso disputed Rubiales’ statement that the kiss was consensual.

Rubiales resigned as head of the association last September in the wake of the kissing scandal. Because of the affair, he was banned for three years by the world association FIFA, among others. The Spaniard has denied all allegations – including those of corruption. In both cases, the ex-official faces several years in prison. In Spain, prison sentences of up to two years are usually suspended.