The Füchse Berlin confidently defended their lead in the handball Bundesliga. The capital city team also didn’t allow themselves to be surprised by the German Cup winners Rhein-Neckar Löwen and won 36:28 (14:11).

This leaves Jaron Siewert’s team with 43:7 points ahead of SC Magdeburg, who have one game less to reach 42:6 points and therefore still have all chances of the title in their own hands. The Magdeburgers had to fight harder than expected for their 20th win of the season. The SCM had a very difficult time against HC Erlangen at times and only managed a clear 27:22 (15:13) in the final phase.

The SCM, in which Tim Hornke was the best shooter with seven goals, started with Philipp Weber, who was recently left out of the national team, in the starting seven, but overall there was a lack of power. SCM trainer Bennet Wiegert reacted furiously. “After twelve minutes I am forced to take a time out,” complained Wiegert and demanded more intensity and fire from his team.

“Typical post-national team break game”

But even when Magdeburg brought its first seven onto the field, the guests continued to defend attentively, had strong support in Bertram Obling in goal and went into the dressing room only two goals behind. Only in the final phase did the SCM shape the game clearly. “I can’t be dissatisfied with 27:22. You also have to accept when your opponent performs well,” said Wiegert, for whom it was a “typical post-national team break game.”

The Foxes only had slight problems getting started and often failed because of national goalkeeper David Späth. They got into the game better in the middle of the first half and then acted like a top team. Every mistake the Lions made was punished. By the 53rd minute they had increased their lead to double digits to 32:21. Even then, Coach Siewert said: “I don’t want to manage, I want to attack.” The best Berlin throwers were Hans Lindberg with seven and Lasse Andersson with six goals.