There was no stopping it anymore. Before the final whistle sounded, the first fans stormed the pitch. What those responsible had not wished for had happened: the sheer, uncontrolled unleashing of pure joy, which poured into the interior of the stadium in the form of wildly gesticulating and jumping supporters. For a brief moment you had the impression that the Bayer Leverkusen professionals didn’t really know how to behave. Do you want to join in the celebration or ask the fans to clear the lawn again for the last few plays? The cameras captured triple goalscorer Florian Wirtz looking around, somewhat disoriented.

But the issue resolved itself. Referee Harm Osmers blew the whistle in the 90th minute before the end of regular time. It didn’t make sense anymore anyway. At that moment, Leverkusen were officially the new German champions and ended the eleven-year dominance of the great FC Bayern Munich with a 5-0 win against Werder Bremen.

The following images that the players and their supporters delivered from the Bayarena were heartbreaking. Just the way winger Jeremie Frimpong enjoyed bathing in the crowd as if he were in an image of a saint is amazing. As soon as the team arrived at the stadium before the game, thousands lined the street and celebrated their team. The factory team’s fan base may not be as large as that of local rivals Borussia M├Ânchengladbach and 1. FC K├Âln, but Bayer’s supporters are just as capable of a lavish title celebration.

The spontaneous championship party in the stadium is worth mentioning because such an emotional eruption has not occurred in recent years. For the long-time champions in Munich, the title had become a cold routine. Sure, the FC Bayern players and team enjoyed their successes in a similar way, and there were also one or two beer showers. But there haven’t been pictures like those from the Bayarena from Munich for a long time. The Munich championship celebration on Marienplatz was more like a prescribed fun event.

Seen in this light, Leverkusen and their brilliant coach Xabi Alonso have to be thanked. The new German champions have shaken up the entire league and, above all, upgraded it. And even more: the club and its coach have brought greatness and shine back to the championship title. The pictures from Leverkusen made it clear what outstanding value he has. This is the most important insight of the season for all non-Leverkusen fans. And if we see a real two- or three-way fight for the title at the end of next season, then everything will finally be fine again.