Luca Pellegrini’s unsatisfactory situation remains an issue at Eintracht Frankfurt. However, neither the SGE nor the left-back seems to have reported a possible loan termination at Juventus Turin.

Again and again there is the option that Frankfurt and Luca Pellegrini could agree on an early termination of the loan, which expires at the end of the season. The 23-year-old Italian has already caused offense here and there. For example, there is said to have been a quarrel with Oliver Glasner.

While sports director Markus Krösche always emphasized that the loan would not be questioned and that it was only up to Pellegrini himself to train and play again, there was ongoing speculation about the early departure from Eintracht.

Rumor that seems to have no hold. Given the approaching transfer winter, there would have been a theoretical possibility of talks.

Romeo Agresti, who reports on Juventus for Goal, now said on Twitter: neither the SBU nor Pellegrini himself have contacted Juve. Players and club seem to want to hold on to each other. Cancellation of the loan is apparently not an issue. At the moment it can be assumed that the Italian will stay with the Hessians and end the season.

In the background, however, interest in the left-back seems to be growing. As initially reported by the Gazzetta dello Sport, before radio station Radiosei joined (via, Lazio Rome has their eye on Pellegrini.

By summer at the latest, it is said, they will try to get him. Insofar as the loan to Frankfurt actually remains, Lazio will have no other choice for the time being.

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