It was actually just an amateur game in Bavaria, but what happened in the A-class match between the second team of TSV Brand and SpVgg Neunkirchen-Speikern-Rollhofen is extremely rare to see on the football field. Evi Schlagenhaufer converted a penalty. The unusual: The 25-year-old competed as a woman in a men’s game.

Schlagenhaufer told the “Bild” newspaper that there was a shortage of staff in the second team of their club: “Despite reinforcements from the old men and the U19s, the boys didn’t have enough players.” So she jumped in. The medical-technical assistant first sat on the bench, was then substituted on after 50 minutes and scored the penalty.

The Bavarian Football Association posted a video on TikTok, with which the goal from the Franconian village square spread online. It has been viewed more than 350,000 times. The clip also shows how even opposing players high-five with Schlagenhaufer and congratulate them on their goal.

The 25-year-old, who has been playing football for 20 years, was not intended to take penalties. Actually, the captain of the team should kick the penalty. However, things turned out differently: “I didn’t want to shoot it at first and the boys made more of a gag out of it,” she told “”. She was a bit excited at the point, but she converted confidently. In the end, however, your team lost 1:2.

The footballer liked the appearance with the men, but she prefers to play with her friends in the women’s team. Since this season, women have been allowed to play in men’s teams in Bavaria. The Bavarian Football Association passed a corresponding change to the rules of the game in the summer. To do this, the clubs must submit an application to the association for their players. According to the Bavarian Football Association, 55 clubs have done so for at least 106 women.

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