Max Verstappen does not want to compare himself with record world champion Michael Schumacher shortly before winning his third Formula 1 title. “He has won seven times, I still have to do a few more,” said the Dutchman before the Qatar Grand Prix.

The German icon Schumacher and the Brit Lewis Hamilton together hold the record for the most World Cup trophies in the premier motorsport class. The 26-year-old Red Bull driver Verstappen can complete his third title in a row with a sixth place in the sprint on Saturday (7.30 p.m./Sky).

“Every generation is a little different, that’s why I find it difficult to compare world champions or non-world champions,” said Verstappen in the paddock in the north of Doha. Each individual world champion is “special in his time,” said the confident leader in this year’s overall standings and, when asked about Schumacher, added: “When he drove and achieved all that, it was perhaps seen as a little more normal because he was a fantastic driver “He was a driver in a fantastic team. But looking back now, it’s incredible to see what he’s achieved.”

Verstappen himself is currently not thinking in the slightest about winning seven titles or even more in the future. “We see what happens year after year,” said Verstappen, who will become the eleventh driver to win at least three world championship trophies. However, there is currently no end to his title streak in sight given his superiority in Red Bull and the next major rule reform in 2026.