An Australian ex-professional surfer claims to have set a record on the board while raising money for a good cause. Off the coast of the metropolis of Sydney, Blake Johnston only jumped off his board early on Friday morning (local time) after he said he had broken the previous world record of 30 hours and eleven minutes in continuous surfing set by South African Josh Elsin.

At Cronulla Beach, the 40-year-old briefly went ashore to address reporters, cheering fans and onlookers, according to a video posted to his Instagram account. “I still have something to do,” said Johnston, then looking at the 40-hour mark of continuous surfing that he had set himself: “I said 40 (hours), so let’s go back again.” He started his long-term surfing early Thursday morning.

After another ten hours on the surfboard and mastering at least 500 waves, the surf instructor finally came ashore on Friday afternoon. Johnston was treated by paramedics and carried on the shoulders of fans as seen in photos. He then drove away with his family in the car. The aim of his record attempt was also to raise money for a foundation that takes care of the mental health of young people: “Everyone deserves to feel great.”