Mr. Hamann, what significance does the surprising rejection of Ralf Rangnick have for Bayern?

It’s not good for your external image if you ask three coaches and they all decide against coming to Munich. Although it must be emphasized that all three candidates are under contract and it was therefore more difficult to get them. It was certainly not beneficial that everyone in charge had very different opinions after the game against Real Madrid. Overall, FC Bayern doesn’t give a good picture.

What could have been the reason for the cancellation?

Rangnick would have given up a lot. He has earned and worked his way into an excellent position in Austria. He is going to the European Championships with the national team. Then in two years the World Cup is just around the corner, for which the Austrians can qualify. Rangnick has a team with many Bundesliga professionals at his disposal, so it is interesting in sporting terms. Added to this is the unrest in Munich and the resulting uncertainty – I can imagine that this contributed to the cancellation.

What role did Uli Hoeneß’ statements play in which he denied Thomas Tuchel’s ability to develop young players?

Ralf Rangnick has been there for so long. I don’t think Hoeneß’s comments were the deciding factor in his rejection. But of course the external impact is not good. If FC Bayern asks other coaches now, they might think: What if people talk about me like that in a year or two?

Which candidates are still being considered for Bayern?

There are a few names. The problem is, if Bayern now tell Mourinho or Zidane that we really want you, it could be difficult. They’ll think: Why didn’t you ask me six or eight weeks ago? It’s also rarely helpful if too many people have a say. Nevertheless, I am sure that they will soon find a coach, a Roger Schmidt from Benfica Lisbon for example. Bayern are still a big club and a big name.

For the new sports director Max Eberl, finding a coach is a big challenge. Has his reputation already been damaged by the rejections?

The way things have gone so far hasn’t helped him. A situation like this is completely unusual for Bayern. In addition, there is a big transfer summer coming up. The longer the search for a coach takes, the harder it could be to bring players to Munich. But that doesn’t mean Max’s reputation is tarnished. It’s a little too early to say that.

What do you think of the idea of ​​Thomas Tuchel staying as coach despite everything?

Uli Hoeneß made his statement very clear, I find it difficult to imagine that it would work. I don’t think that’s a good idea either because so much has happened. It’s hard for me to get excited about that.