When the outgoing DFB supplier Adidas presented the design of the European Championship jerseys in mid-March, half the nation held its breath – only to shortly afterwards frown with a ‘Really now?’ to persist. Not because of the inconspicuous to boring home jersey in white with the black, red and gold flag on the shoulders. We had already seen this or something similar several times in the 3-stripe era, which lasted more than 70 years. There was nothing more than a shrug of the shoulders.

The stumbling block was rather the cheeky design of the Nagelsmann team’s new away jersey. Because the fashion designers from Herzogenaurach had delved into the depths of the color palette. They combined a rich pink with mysterious purple. Although the ensemble of trousers and jersey is also a fashion eye-catcher, half of Germany was outraged by the piece of material. Sayings like “Betrayal of black-red-gold”, “What is that supposed to be? A fashion piece?” or “Nobody wants that,” meandered through social media. But the latter was obviously a big mistake. Because just a few weeks before the ball called “Football Love” rolls through the stadiums, you have to be very lucky to get your hands on a pink jersey. You can expect a delivery time of eight weeks from the Hamburg mail order company Otto. In many other shops there are only oversizes. Amazon is still drawing from a small contingent that online sports shops want to bring to fans via the shipping giant. The French sporting goods retailer Decathlon also only has a few copies left.

If you are still looking for a jersey for your children, you can currently find it in the Footlocker online shop. DFB jerseys are still available there for children and young people between the ages of nine and 16 (as of April 24, 2024). If you want to celebrate Summer Fairy Tale 2.0 in classic white, you don’t have to rush. The home jerseys are still available from many online retailers at a very high price of just under 100 euros. For small children there is a complete set with shorts and socks for around 70 euros.

Let’s take another look at the European Football Championship schedule. UEFA has chosen host Germany as the home team for the games against Scotland and Hungary. On June 14th and 19th Toni Kroos

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