According to his own statement, Mats Hummels has not spent “one second” thinking about the national soccer team’s possible European Championship opponents.

Julian Nagelsmann, on the other hand, was pleased to note that the German national soccer team will be spared the big chunks of Portugal, France, Spain, Belgium and England in the group phase next summer.

“The ideal constellation is that we deal with them when we progress,” said the national coach, looking ahead to the hoped-for move into the knockout round of the 2024 home European Championship. First of all, it will be “exciting” for Nagelsmann at the draw on December 2nd (6 p.m.) in Hamburg, the 36-year-old admitted before the test match on Tuesday (8:45 p.m./ZDF) in Austria, “because you can’t do it yourself in the “has a hand”.

Most of the decisions have been made

Most of the decisions have already been made before the last games in the regular qualifying round on Tuesday evening. The last of 21 direct tickets goes to Croatia or Wales. Most of the allocations to the four lottery pots that UEFA distributes based on the results in the qualifying round are already clear, as are the playoff paths for the last three European Championship tickets in March.

Spicy: Germany could get into a very challenging group with the Netherlands and Italy. Oranje are safely in pot three, defending champions Italy are likely to slip into the worst pot four.

The current status for the EM lottery pots:

Pot 1Germany A1 seededPortugalFranceSpainBelgiumEnglandPot 2HungaryDenmarkAlbaniaAustriaTurkey or CroatiaRomania or SwitzerlandPot 3ScotlandSloveniaSlovakiaCzech RepublicNetherlandsItaly or Turkey or Croatia or WalesPot 4SerbiaCroatia or Wales or ItalySwitzerland or RomaniaWinner Playoff A: Poland, Estonia, Croatia or Wales and a team from Finland, Ukraine and IcelandWinners Playoff B: Israel, Bosnia-Herzegovina and two teams from Finland, Ukraine and IcelandWinners Playoff C: Georgia, Greece, Kazakhstan, Luxembourg

The current status for the European Championship playoffs:

1234Path ACroatia or Wales*Poland**Finland or Ukraine or Iceland***EstoniaPath BIsraelBosnia-HerzegovinaFinland or Ukraine***Ukraine or Iceland***Path CGeorgiaGreeceKazakhstanLuxembourg

* Croatia would be at number 1, Wales at number 2 in the path

**Poland to 1 in the path if Wales are in the playoff

*** after UEFA’s lottery decision on November 23rd. for participants path A

Mode: Team 1 – Team 4 and Team 2 – Team 3 play in each path. The winners of these semi-finals determine the three European Championship participants in their path in finals