The public prosecutor’s office in Frankfurt has closed the investigation into Eintracht Frankfurt’s President Peter Fischer for illegal drug possession. This was announced by the authority. Several media had previously reported about it.

In November 2022, investigations were launched against the 67-year-old club boss and three other suspects. They had been accused of illegally acquiring and storing an unknown amount of cocaine at an unknown time. An unequivocal assignment to one of the four suspects was not possible, the statement said. Fischer had rejected the allegations as unfounded. A search of the home found traces of a suspicious substance.

Since August 2000, Fischer has been president of the association with more than 100,000 members in 19 departments. During the public prosecutor’s investigation, he had largely withdrawn from the public eye.

In the more than 22 years he has developed the traditional Hessian club with his unconventional nature and closeness to the fans into one of the largest Bundesliga clubs in Germany. He was only confirmed in office for another four years on September 26, 2022.