Quarter-finalist Gabriel Clemens really deserved this reward after a darts day steeped in history. “What did Luka Doncic say recently? I need a beer to relax now? That’s how I have to do it now,” said the “German Giant” after his 4-1 victory over Scotsman Alan Soutar at the World Cup in London.

The qualified machinist from Saarland and the young basketball superstar from Slovenia shouldn’t have too much in common. The beer for the historic performance – Clemens the first German quarterfinal entry, Doncic 60 points in the NBA – is rather an exception.

But while Doncic still has almost four months of basketball season ahead of him, 39-year-old Clemens is about everything in the next four days. Starting with the quarterfinals against the Welsh world number one Gerwyn Price, the question will now arise: Can this German go all the way to the end? And become a sensational world champion? In any case, on Friday evening the historic quarter-final entry was already running at 8 p.m. on the ARD Tagesschau.

At first, however, Clemens only thinks of Price. “Why isn’t it a 50:50 game? Does he start with a head start? I don’t think so,” joked the “German Giant” about the duel, in which he himself is of course an outsider. So far, Clemens has only fulfilled his duty against unseeded players three times against William O’Connor (3-0), Jim Williams (4-3) and Alan Soutar (4-1). Now the number one, who needs the world title to stay first, is waiting.

“If I can perform again, I believe that I can also be dangerous for Gerwyn Price. I don’t do antics, neither does he normally. He doesn’t walk across the stage. There’s nothing bad about it. I hope it’s a fast game,” said Clemens. He doesn’t mind coming back to Ally Pally the day after. Then the semi-finals will take place in the evening.