Until recently there was still hope that Sadio Mané could intervene a little late in the World Cup. Hopes that have now finally vanished into thin air.

Immediately after the injury that Sadio Mané sustained just before the Bundesliga break, it was already expected that he would be eliminated from the World Cup.

But neither he nor the Senegal national team wanted to accept this judgment early on. Understandably, after all it could be the last World Cup for the offensive player, while on the other hand he is not only as a player but also as a personality of enormous importance for his country.

There was already a damper on Wednesday: Mané would at least miss the group stage, it was said. On Thursday evening the announcement that he had to undergo an operation. It is finally clear and confirmed that the Bayern player cannot be on the pitch for a minute at this tournament.

The Senegalese Football Association tweeted the corresponding message.

This article was originally published on 90min.de as Confirmed: World Cup out for Sadio Mané.