After the violent clashes in Naples, Eintracht Frankfurt supporters have largely been taken out of the city.

As the Italian news agency Ansa reported, the violent football fans were taken by bus and under police protection to Naples airport, Salerno and Rome at night and in the early morning, from where they were to start their journey home to Germany.

The transport was delayed during the night when hooligans from SSC Naples wanted to get to a hotel at the port where the Frankfurters were staying. Clashes broke out between the supporters’ groups and the police in the nearby streets. The accommodation for the Frankfurt team was right next to the fan hotel.

Before the round of 16 second leg of the Champions League between Napoli and Eintracht (3-0), there had been violent riots by both fan groups in the city centre. Italian media reported martial “guerrilla” fights in the streets and alleyways of the city.

Seven arrests

According to Ansa, seven people were initially arrested because of those riots and the attack by the Naples Ultras in the night, all of whom are said to be supporters of the top Italian team. It was said that further arrests could follow. According to an initial reconstruction by the Italian media, the situation escalated in the afternoon when Napoli fan groups attacked Frankfurt supporters and police officers in the central Piazza del Gesu. The Eintracht Ultras had previously marched through the city together, singing provocative songs against Naples.

During the clashes, the hooligans threw stones, flares, tables and chairs at opposing fans and the police, among other things. They used tear gas. A police car was set on fire, and several outside areas of bars and restaurants were devastated.

In Italy, there was great outrage at the events. There is strong criticism that this escalation came about, although it was known from the outset that violent supporters from Frankfurt would come to Naples despite a ticket ban. A special meeting of the security authorities in the city was scheduled for Thursday.