It was an unpleasant welcome gift that awaited the 1,500 RB Leipzig fans who traveled with them at the first Bundesliga away game in Heidenheim on Saturday afternoon. Supporters of the newcomer had apparently broken into the guest block during the night and distributed butyric acid. A Heidenheim club spokesman confirmed to the German Press Agency that there had been an incident long before the stadium gates opened and that the affected area was then cleaned as best as possible.

However, this was not completely successful. Even before the game kicked off on Friday afternoon, Leipzig supporters complained on social media that their block smelled of vomit, the smell of butyric acid.

The actions of their own fans caused disbelief among those responsible at Heidenheim. “I lack any form of understanding. I also have to say that some people lack intelligence. Everyone can have an opinion with us – including about RB Leipzig. But something like that? I’m ashamed of that. Something like that isn’t appropriate.” , explained Heidenheim’s coach Frank Schmidt. Petra Saretz, board member at FC Heidenheim, apologized to the people of Leipzig and told “Bild” that the matter would be investigated. On Sunday, in response to a DPA request, the police confirmed that they had started an investigation into the incident. The Leipzig side reacted to the incident with ridicule. “The wonderful smell of an away win,” the club commented on the 2-1 triumph at Heidenheim, which further improved Leipzig’s position in the fight for a Champions League place.

However, the Heidenheim fans didn’t just welcome the Leipzig team with butyric acid. Days before the game, stickers with “Football Killer RBL” were discovered around the stadium, as the “Heidenheimer Zeitung” reported. It is not the first time that the Heidenheim fans have expressed their sadness towards Leipzig. During the third division duel between the two teams in October 2013, the Heidenheim fans hoisted a banner with the “football murderer” slogan, and Heidenheim had to pay a fine of 2,000 euros. Just two years later, before the second division game between both teams, Leipzig’s bus was pelted with dollar bills bearing the likeness of Red Bull founder Dietrich Mateschitz, who died in 2022.

The RB Leipzig construct is a thorn in the side of many fans. By taking over the league license from SSV Markranstädt, the club circumvented the 50 1 regulation in German football in 2009. The shareholder is Red Bull GmbH, which also oversees the Austrian series champions Red Bull Salzburg and the Major League Soccer team New York Red Bulls. Because of the club’s involvement with Red Bull, there are repeated fan protests in Germany.

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