Goalkeeper Kevin Trapp recognizes an alarming mood at European Cup contender Eintracht Frankfurt in the final push for the international places.

“Somehow there’s a very, very negative cloud hanging over us. We were sometimes rightly criticized because the games just weren’t nice and the results weren’t there,” said the 33-year-old goalkeeper on Friday evening on DAZN. The Hessians had previously lost important points in the fight for the Europa League in a 1-1 draw against Werder Bremen.

“It’s incredibly annoying because we actually played a good game. If you only get two points at home against Union and Bremen, then there are reasons for that. Maybe it’s deserved in the end,” complained Trapp. With 42 points, Frankfurt is still in sixth place. The remaining games with games against VfB Stuttgart, FC Bayern Munich and Bayer Leverkusen are demanding. “The remaining program is brutal. We still have everything in our own hands,” said Trapp.

Coach Dino Toppmöller also struggled with the draw. “It’s disappointing and frustrating when you don’t come out of a game like this with a win. We have clearly planned more,” said the head coach. Almost a week ago, the Hessians missed a home win in a 0-0 draw against 1. FC Union Berlin. The impending failures of Ellyes Shkiri (injured) and Tuta (red card) are further worrying Toppmöller.