Julian Nagelsmann explained himself, apologized and asked for media mercy. But all this does not protect the coach of FC Bayern Munich from trouble for his freak out in the cabin aisle after the 2: 3 (1: 1) at Borussia Mönchengladbach.

The DFB control committee has initiated investigations, there has been heavy criticism from experts and former Bayern captain Lothar Matthäus suspects that the coach also has to report to his club.

“If he doesn’t want his words to be put on the gold scales, then he has to go to the third or fourth league. Nobody cares what he says,” scoffed Sky expert Dietmar Hamann. For colleague Matthäus “the choice of words was far off the mark. Now just forget about it – that doesn’t settle the matter”.

Despite all the regrets afterwards, it is also questionable whether Nagelsmann’s words against the referee simply slipped out. The 35-year-old is a media professional, he had seen the numerous journalists in the cabin aisle when he called out clearly for everyone at their height: “That’s a joke, is he kidding me or what?” And when he came out again after about two minutes, he cursed again loudly for everyone to hear. The controversial red card against Dayot Upamecano (8th) was two hours ago, and Nagelsmann didn’t care about the presence of the journalists.

Nagelsmann defends and apologizes

When asked in the interview by ZDF and Sport1 that he should also have said “softened pack”, Nagelsmann said: “Yes, but I don’t always mean the referees.” In the first step of the investigation, the control committee would write to Nagelsmann at the beginning of the week and ask for a statement, the DFB announced on Sunday.

At the press conference, Nagelsmann asked the journalists for leniency. “Please don’t put every word on the gold scales. Not everything I say or give is correct. So please don’t ask 18 questions and not on every title page.” On Twitter he wrote that he had to “apologize for the choice of words to the team around Tobias Welz. Unfortunately, I clearly went too far”.

Welz made it clear on Sunday in the “double pass” at Sport1 that he did not want to deal with Nagelsmann’s verbal attacks. “I didn’t notice it in any way,” he said: “If nobody speaks to me directly, I don’t feel addressed either. Next time we will shake hands and treat each other normally.” The discussion in the dressing room “had taken place among men at eye level”. She was “emotionally guided by one side”, “but no insults were spoken. Everything was fine the way it went”.

Nagelsmann initially had his back from Hasan Salihamidžić, even if the sports director said he did not know Nagelsmann’s specific choice of words at the time. “I think you have to give him that first,” he said on Sky. President Herbert Hainer at least showed understanding for the anger of the coach. “I find the decision extremely borderline – I would not have made it like that,” he told the German Press Agency: “It has a lasting effect on the game.”

Coach colleagues jump Nagelsmann to the side

Nagelsmann also received support from his fellow coaches. “I didn’t even notice his freak out,” said Gladbach’s Daniel Farke: “But I understand the emotions of fellow coaches. I felt the same way in the last game, so I can understand 100 percent that you’re emotional.”

Steffen Baumgart from Cologne even made a passionate plea for his Munich colleague. “The word was chosen incorrectly, absolute rubbish, that’s not appropriate, you don’t have to discuss it,” said Baumgart to the TV broadcaster Bild: “He crossed the border. But if someone apologizes, and that was from my point of view an honest apology, you have to accept that.” According to Baumgart, it is true that trainers have to act as role models, “but we should also let people be people” and not just educate “robots”. “Now everyone comes out of the holes and says how they should have done it. But nobody is in the situation.”

Hamann criticizes Müller’s substitution

Meanwhile, former champion coach Armin Veh said: “He’s a good coach, but he clearly lacks sovereignty, which of course has to do with the fact that he’s still young.” Matthäus, once a trainer himself for many years, showed no understanding of Nagelsmann’s behavior. He expects “the right choice of words” and “that they have themselves under control” from a Bayern coach and from everyone responsible on the sidelines.

Hamann also suspects that the early tactical substitution of Thomas Müller as an offensive player outnumbered (16th) could become a problem for Nagelsmann. “It’s not possible to take the captain out of there,” said Hamann: “If you take him off the pitch in the phase, he shouldn’t have been captain at all.” He makes himself “vulnerable as a coach. We will only see in the next few days what kind of waves that will make.”

Either way, the next few days will be exciting. With 1. FC Union beating FC Schalke 04 0-0, Bayern didn’t have to give up the top position to Berlin, who were now level on points. For national player Joshua Kimmich, the next game against the surprise team from the capital is groundbreaking: “What matters is that we’re up front after the game next Sunday.”