Bayer Leverkusen’s managing director Fernando Carro has called for a transfer fee of at least 150 million euros for national player Florian Wirtz. The 59-year-old football official said this in an interview with “Radio Marca”.

You can never say that you won’t sell it. “But we would never let Wirtz go for less than 150 million,” said the Spaniard.

Carro once again makes it clear that the 20-year-old will also play for Leverkusen next season. The top official of the new German champions once again admitted that many clubs were interested in the midfielder. In football, Carro said, you can’t plan much longer than a year.

Wirtz’s contract runs until June 30, 2027. Carro announced again that there would “probably” be a large player sale in order to finance two or three new additions.