Manchester United took its second major victory in four days since Manchester City were beaten 2-1 in the Premier League.

Manchester United was the sharpest when it mattered, when the team on Saturday met the new stadium from Manchester City at the Etihad Stadium.

With two goals scored within the first half hour did United the defending champions by winning 2-1.

Thus, Ole Gunnar Solskjær and United the second major victory this week after defeating Tottenham on Wednesday.

the Victory sends United up to fifth place in the Premier League with 24 points. The City has 32 in third place with 14 points up to Liverpool, which eventually must be regarded as massive favourites for the gold.

the First half started as lightning and thunder. The pace was high, and angrebsiveren big. It succeeded both teams to play to the fine opportunities in front of goal, but United seemed to have a small use.

Especially on the diverts was the guests dangerous, and it was after such a Marcus Rashford was awarded a penalty kick after being requested by Bernardo Silva.

The young striker took care of the experiment from 11 metres-the stain, that was sent in the box.

About five minutes later it was 2-0. This time, after sweeping a two-game between Daniel James and Anthony Martial, which ended with the frenchman with an ice cold clearance sent the ball in via the post outside Edersons range.

the City got a bit more control over United’s onslaught and after the break and took Guardiolas troops in the lead.

United’s sacrificed as much on the offensive, and the City was sitting heavy on the ball. But your defensive was solid, and it was difficult for the home team in earnest to get to big chances.

First in 85. minutes got City finally sent the ball into the box, as Nicolás Otamendi headede a corner kick in the goal for 1-2.

It brought to life both on battens and among the City players, who suddenly smelled blood. Shortly after had David De Gea disks up with a nice rescue in order to avert the reversal.

the Match last minutes consisted of a heavy City pressure, but United held out and took the three points.