Berlin’s Governing Mayor Kai Wegner has called on the climate protection group Last Generation to refrain from protesting at the marathon on Sunday.

“If the so-called climate activists want to disrupt the marathon, then that will really upset many Berliners,” Wegner told the German Press Agency. “I don’t even want to imagine it: a disruptive action could even prevent a marathon world record. I’ll say it again very clearly: Anyone who wants to work for climate protection should refrain from these provocative and punishable actions.”

“Every disruptor should know that the police and the rule of law will take decisive action. I therefore hope that the so-called last generation will refrain from announcing that they want to disrupt the marathon,” said the CDU politician. He also fears that acceptance of climate protection will decline “if the so-called last generation does not finally stop blocking roads or damaging historic buildings such as the Brandenburg Gate.” If acceptance for more climate protection measures breaks down, the climate goals cannot be achieved. “But I want to achieve the climate protection goals – in Berlin, Germany and worldwide,” said Wegner.

Police want to prevent disruptions

The Berlin police are very well prepared for the marathon and will deploy a large number of forces to prevent any disruption to this international running event. “It really annoys me that the Berlin police have to spend so many hours on duty because of the road blockades and other disruptive actions of the so-called last generation.” That is time that is then not available for fighting crime. “The operations against the road blockades and other actions cost all taxpayers a lot of money. Money that we could use much better for the fight against climate protection.”

According to the Governing Mayor, he is absolutely certain that Berliners are “very much looking forward to the marathon and will not be deterred by the so-called last generation.” “The marathon will once again be a sports festival in Berlin this year. Berlin will show once again that it is the right place for major sporting events.”