Serge Gnabry’s trip to Paris Fashion Week caused more excitement at FC Bayern than initially thought. Clear criticism of the club in this matter now comes from Lothar Matthäus.

“That’s amateurish, exactly what Bayern Munich isn’t.” boom! Hasan Salihamidzic had publicly criticized Serge Gnabry these days. He had flown to Paris on a day off to see Fashion Week.

The sports director saw the day off as more of a chance for regeneration in order to be in the best possible condition for the next game. He didn’t like the fact that the offensive player flew to France and back instead. Salihamidzic’s criticism was clearer than initially assumed.

And it is precisely for this criticism that he and the entire club are now being criticized – by Lothar Matthäus. The former Bayern player sees no misconduct in Gnabry’s behavior.

On the contrary, as he explained to Sky (via Sport1): “If it’s not in [the contract] and I have a day off, then I can do whatever I want.”

It doesn’t matter whether it’s a visit to a fashion show or some other leisure activity. “They have to set clearer guidelines so that they don’t give them any leeway (…) If I don’t give them any leeway, then I don’t have this discussion.”

So the Salihamidzic scolding and the report that Gnabry had to report to him is completely wrong from Matthäus’ point of view. After all, the national player did not break any rules and used his free time for private purposes. The tenor: If the people of Munich do not want to see something like this and want to stop it, it must also be clearly communicated.

In the end, the conversation between Salihamidzic and Gnabry was a “verbal memo”, as reported by Sport1. And yet this clear announcement provided further topics of conversation.

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