The appeal of playing outside of England played a big part in Harry Kane’s decision to join Bayern Munich.

“A big part of my decision was that at the end of my career I didn’t want to regret the decision of never having played abroad. I remember what a big deal David Beckham’s move to Real Madrid was,” he said new Munich star striker at his official presentation. Kane had played at Tottenham since he was young.

The Munich hopeful switched from the Spurs to the Isar for more than 100 million euros after tough transfer poker. In the lost Supercup final against RB Leipzig (0:3), the English national team captain completed his first few minutes in Bayern dress, but his teammates could not stage the game.

Kane overwhelmed by the fan reception

“The reception from the fans has been overwhelming. I can only thank the fans and the club. I hope I’ll give them more reason to celebrate as the season progresses,” said Kane. When he came on as a substitute in the 63rd minute, he was greeted enthusiastically by the spectators in the Allianz Arena.

The 30-year-old now wants to integrate into the team as best as possible before the start of the Bundesliga against Werder Bremen on Friday. This also includes learning German as quickly as possible. “I’ve spent my whole life in England and the Premier League. Of course I have to adapt. This team has great players and we have to see that we come together as soon as possible,” said the goalscorer, who is considered the legitimate successor to Robert Lewandowski.

Looking for an apartment on the day off

The week-long negotiation poker about his person has also left its mark on Kane. “It’s been a very busy few days. It’s my first big transfer,” admitted Kane, describing the last 48 hours before signing the contract as “quite a rollercoaster ride”. He wants to use the day off on Monday to see the city and “a few apartments”.