With Joshua Kimmich, FC Bayern has an absolute constant in midfield. In the current season, the Austrian Marcel Sabitzer mostly kicked at his side. However, no one can say exactly how long the newcomer, who has already been dubbed a flop, will be in the top eleven. It is clear that Leon Goretzka is fit again, Ryan Gravenberch is putting pressure on and Jamal Musiala could also play on the eight due to Munich’s enormous attacking squad. Accordingly, it is time to analyze where the weaknesses and strengths of the potential Kimmich neighbors lie.

Hardly anyone would have expected that Marcel Sabitzer could take on such a big role at FC Bayern. The Austrian stepped on the gas in the preparation and convinced in the early stages of the season. The ex-Leipziger is currently delivering very reliably and is particularly brilliant on the ball. Sabitzer is now very strong in tackles and has a good mentality at the start. On the other hand, he wasn’t a big factor offensively in the last few games. Compared to his time in Leipzig, the player is less creative and dangerous, but more defensively present. Another thing that definitely speaks for the player is that he knows how to take a step back and let others shine for him. It is striking that Kimmich can currently set a lot of accents and shoots at the opposing goal much more often than has been the case in recent years. This works because Sabitzer has his back relatively often and does not push forward as far as Leon Goretzka, for example.

Leon Goretzka is fit again after his injury break and is certainly the player who has the best chance of a regular place alongside Kimmich of all the candidates. Goretzka and Kimmich have been playing together for many years and harmonize beautifully on the pitch. The task is relatively clear. Kimmich takes over the game structure, which is not one of Leon Goretzka’s strengths. However, the former Schalke player shines as a classic box-to-box player with his runs that end on the opponent’s edge of the penalty area or even in the penalty area. Goretzka shoots well and is assertive, which often makes him dangerous himself. However, Joshua Kimmich has to take a step back offensively. Thanks to his stamina and athleticism, Goretzka can handle a large workload and close a few holes defensively. If Goretzka is in top form, the station wagon is Kimmich

It’s certainly a little disappointing for the young Dutchman that he hasn’t got past Marcel Sabitzer so far. In the Bundesliga, Gravenberch mostly only received brief assignments and was not yet able to shine as hoped. On the other hand, the new signing from Ajax Amsterdam showed in the DFB Cup against Viktoria Köln that he has fantastic facilities. Gravenberch is extremely dynamic, technically brilliant and, in contrast to Sabitzer and Goretzka, has strong one-on-one skills and artful movements on the ball. The youngster also has the right dimensions for a Kimmich with his height of a good 1.90 meters -side man. But he certainly needs to improve a little in terms of robustness and heading the ball in order to be able to use his body ideally. A few percent are still missing in the tactical area. At the moment, Gravenberch is certainly not the 1-A solution alongside Kimmich, who don’t know each other that well on the pitch. However, the potential of the new signing is unmistakable. It would not be at all surprising if he established himself as a regular alongside Kimmich in the years to come. He has more potential than Goretzka and Sabitzer, but of course that’s not all.

Jamal Musiala’s future probably lies in the ten. However, Thomas Müller currently accompanies this position when Nagelsmann plays with a classic ten. Due to the huge offensive volume in the Bayern offensive, one could currently also think about ordering Musiala back. The youngster has shown often enough that he can act sensationally as an eighth. The technically brilliant kicker is technically incredibly strong and can dribble like no other player. In addition, his “first touch” is outstanding, which means that he can also solve tight situations technically. Although Musiala can conquer some balls with his long legs, he is not physically robust enough to be an ideal player alongside Kimmich. In addition, the player is a little wasted so far away in front of the goal because he is a key player for the decisive actions and deals. Kimmich would have to step back enormously as Musiala’s midfield partner. But he would be a great pass partner and could relieve Kimmich in the build-up, should he be delivered by the opposing team. This was always a sore point in the Bayern system in the past.

This article was originally published on 90min.com/de as Battle for place next to Kimmich: Which candidate brings Bayern the most? released.