Hardly any topic is discussed as emotionally in society as cannabis legalization. It has already been implemented in some countries, and the traffic light coalition is also aiming for this step in Germany. And the topic is also on the agenda in sport.

German NBA star Daniel Theis has his own opinion on this. “I think smoking pot in the evening after the game is basically okay,” said the basketball player in an interview with “Sport Bild”. In the US professional league, marijuana use is apparently commonplace. “I think three quarters of all NBA players do it regularly now. Many have trouble switching off and falling asleep after games. They just want to calm down,” explained Theis.

The 31-year-old has been playing in the NBA since 2017. At that time he switched to the Boston Celtics, after the Chicago Bulls and Houston Rockets stations he returned to Boston and reached the finals there. Last summer he joined the Indiana Pacers. Theis is one of the most important players in the German team at the upcoming World Cup in Japan, Indonesia and the Philippines, which begins on August 25.

In basketball, cannabis use is handled quite differently. The NBA will no longer test for marijuana next season. The league and the players’ union had agreed on this. At the World Cup, however, marijuana is still on the doping list.

Daniel Theis does not find anything reprehensible in cannabis consumption, as it does not increase athletic performance. In addition, alcohol has significantly worse consequences, said the national player, who won EM bronze with the DBB team in 2022. However, he himself refrains from smoking weed: “I don’t do it because luckily I can fall asleep easily and don’t want to set a bad example for the children at home.”

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Sources: “The Athletic” / “Sport Bild”