Long-serving German basketball captain Robin Benzing left the national team in a short but emotional ceremony. Before the World Cup friendly against Sweden, the 34-year-old was honored in Bonn for a total of 167 international matches.

“The national team is in good hands, the boys are great. I always wanted to set a good example. The national team is a family for me – these are all my children. I will continue to take care of them,” Benzing said in his speech who struggled with emotions.

Benzing thanks his wife Katharina

Benzing, who will play for the second division Gie├čen 46ers in the coming season, was no longer considered for the home European Championship last year. First, the veteran thanked his wife Katharina. “If you play in the national team for 14 years and aren’t there every summer, you deserve a big thank you. It wouldn’t have happened without you,” said Benzing. Among other things, he received a large framed photo as a gift from DBB Vice President Armin Andres.

Association President Ingo Weiss had previously expressly praised the professional for his commitment and his successful time in the national jersey. “It’s unbelievable and phenomenal what you’ve done. It’s unbelievable how many throws you saved me from my heart attack,” said Weiss. Benzing “had had an excellent captain for years.”