Are professional footballer Travis Kelce and pop singer Taylor Swift lovers? The rumors about a possible relationship between the two US superstars are fueled by Swift’s recent stadium visits to Kansas City Chiefs games.

Kelce doesn’t like the fact that the NFL coverage cameras often show Taylor Swift for a long time. He could understand if celebrities were shown in the stands, “but at the same time I think they exaggerate it a bit – especially in my situation,” said the tight end in his podcast “New Heights”. In the professional basketball league NBA, visits from celebrities are much more relaxed, said the 34-year-old.

Ian Trombetta, the NFL’s vice president of marketing for social media, defends himself against this accusation. However, some rumors “take on a life of their own” and there is “a lot of interest in Taylor and what’s going on in her life, just like with Travis,” he told the AP news agency.

Kelce interested in Grammy winner

Pop superstar Taylor Swift (33) wore a jacket in the colors of Kelce’s club during a visit to the Chiefs’ NFL game in Kansas City against the Chicago Bears at the end of September and stood in a suite next to Kelce’s mother Donna. Taylor Swift can be seen cheering on the players in photos and videos shared online. She was also seen in the stadium at the beginning of October during the duel against the New York Jets and was often shown on TV.

Since Kelce made his interest in the multiple Grammy winner public in July, fans have been speculating about the couple’s relationship status. Kelce said on his podcast that he would have liked to give his number to Taylor Swift at her concert. “I was disappointed that she doesn’t talk before or after her performances because she has to protect her voice for her 44 songs,” he explained.

On the “Pat McAfee Show,” the football player then compared the dating rumors to the child’s game of silent mail. But he admitted that he “passed the ball” to Taylor Swift after her concert at Arrowhead Stadium and invited her to his game at the same stadium.