The RFEF association called an extraordinary general assembly in Madrid because of the kissing affair involving association boss Luis Rubiales at the award ceremony for the Spanish soccer world champions in Australia.

The meeting on the occasion of “the incidents at the awards ceremony of the Women’s World Cup” will take place on Friday from 12:00 p.m. in the “City of Football” in Madrid, the RFEF announced. An internal investigation has also been launched.

Rubiales kissed the player Jennifer Hermoso on the mouth at the award ceremony after the 1-0 win in the final against England in Sydney on Sunday – triggering a wave of criticism and outrage.

Sanchez calls for “further steps”

“What we have seen is unacceptable,” said Spanish Prime Minister Pedro S├ínchez. “And Mr Rubiales’ apologies are not enough, I would call them inappropriate, so he must take further steps to clarify what we have all seen,” said the socialist politician.

In Spain, many are calling for Rubiales to resign. According to the Spanish media, this will not happen, at least on Friday. Rather, it is expected that the functionary will receive “massive support” at the general meeting, said the radio station “Cadena Ser” and other media unanimously.

Rubiales had admitted a mistake. He kissed Hermoso on the mouth “spontaneously” and “without any bad intentions or bad will,” he said in a video. “Here we all took it as something natural, normal, but outside there seems to have been an uproar,” he explained.