It is understandable that the FC Bayern team only wanted to leave after the game in Mönchengladbach. Coach Julian Nagelsmann’s team lost 2:3 and the atmosphere must have been in the basement. At first it didn’t look as if the record champions would be able to leave the place of bankruptcy quickly. An accident on the A52 caused a backlog to form up to the stadium. But the Bavarians were lucky: The police quickly escorted the bus to the motorway entrance and used the emergency lane that the drivers had formed. There was a bit of a fuss on social media about it. Not entirely wrong: Driving through the emergency lane is prohibited, except for emergency services such as firefighters and ambulances.

As the police now sheepishly admitted, it was indeed a mistake that should not have happened. “There were instructions not to do that. How it happened must now be worked out internally,” said a police spokesman for the German Press Agency about the faux pas that the “Rheinische Post” had uncovered.

Accordingly, the operations manager had expressly instructed that the Bayern buses would not receive any extra sausage. There was no time pressure anyway, the destination was Mönchengladbach Airport. A police spokesman for WDR confirmed why the officers ignored the instruction or whether they did not receive it. The police officers concerned do not have to fear any suspension for the time being, the police also said.

Anyone who drives through a rescue lane without permission commits an administrative offence. Penalties include a fine or even a driving ban. It depends on whether someone is disabled, endangered or damaged. A fine could now threaten the police officers and the bus drivers of the two buses.

Sources: DPA, “WDR”, “Rheinische Post” (paid content)