Bayern Munich’s star striker Harry Kane continues to think about a future in American football. The Englishman has been thinking for a while about changing sports after his active career as a footballer and trying out football as a kicker. “Possibly,” the 30-year-old answered in an interview with the German edition of “Sports Illustrated” (Thursday) when asked whether he would see himself wearing a helmet and shoulder pads at some point. “At least that’s something I have in the back of my mind.”

The position in question in the physically challenging sport is that of the kicker, i.e. the person who does not catch or throw the ball, but rather shoots with his foot for extra points and field goals. The basic movement is already familiar to Kane as a football superstar.

“I feel like I still have many, many years ahead of me as a footballer – but so much can happen, things change so quickly,” he said. “As it gets closer to the end of my football career, I might take a closer look at it and start practicing a bit.”

The captain of the England national team is aware of the work and dedication that is necessary to be successful in two sports. “It will also depend on what phase of my life I’m in, how things are with the children and so on…” he added.

In the interview, the attacker also talks about his friendship with football superstar Tom Brady, who has already ended his active career as the most successful professional in NFL history. “We’ve developed a good connection over the past few years. I’ve golfed with him, we occasionally send each other messages. He was a big inspiration to me when I was younger. He’s just a really good guy, down to earth and always there for you there if you need help or an opinion,” said Kane. “I’m happy that I can now call him a friend.”